Viral tests
PCR polymerase chain reaction-tests

Viral testing for COVID-19

Testing for COVID-19 is very important. Data on confirmed cases and deaths should be interpreted in light of how much testing a country does. A low case count doen’t actually mean that there are few cases. It can also mean that testing is very limited in that certain country. Below a graph of the countries with the most COVID-19 viral tests per 1,000 people.

How reliable are these numbers of COVID-19 tests?

Each country uses their own way of reporting their number of COVID-19 tests. Some countries report the number of people that have been tested while other countries report the number of tests they have been used.

Not all the tests that have been used by certain countries aren’t that accurate. However these viral tests are more reliable than the COVID-19 antibody tests.

How reliable are PCR tests?

When a person is taking a PCR test is also important wether the results are true or false. If a person just has been infected, the virus might not been replicated enough in the throat and nose.

Also the type of tests can make a difference. The first tests took days before the results get back. Later there were the rapid PCR tests that can give results within 13 minutes. Only these tests are to be told that they can miss more than 10% of cases.