The Coronavirus has terrorized the world for a third of a year now. During this time, scientists and medical professionals have been studying this virus. A new study by 23andMe points out blood type O is less vulnerable to COVID-19.

A study with over 750,000 participants shows that the O blood type appears to have some sort of protective appliance against the Coronavirus. People with blood type O are between 9 to 18 percent less likely to be tested positively for COVID-19 according to the data.

On the other hand, people with blood type AB are most likely to be tested positive according to the data. None of the other blood types stood out in any other way.

With the findings of this study, gender, age, BMI, ethnicity made no difference. From this it can be concluded that a person’s blood type plays a big role in COVID-19’s infectious rate.

23andMe is looking to include another 100,000 people in the study, to get a clearer and more accurate conclusion.

The data on blood type and the preliminary genetic findings also seem to appear to support two recently published studies. One study by a Chinese researcher and one by Italian and Spanish researchers. Both of those studies concerned a certain gene’s role in COVID-19.